Robert Spykerman | 27 Apr 10:31 2011

Re: [ydl-gen] Current rev?

2011/4/27 Matty Sarro <msarro <at>>

Hey everyone. I am new to YDL, so please be gentle. Tonight I am
getting a 17" Powerbook G4 and I have a few questions.
Does YDL 6.2 stack up against the current rev of RHEL (6?) Or is it
closer to 5.5/5.6?
Has anyone been able to get compiz fusion working?

I'm assuming that since the hardware is rather limited compared to
what we have to deal with in the x86 world, there is better out of the
box support? Is this correct?

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.


A ppc lappie? Nostalgia? :) Good on you! I did toy around with the idea of buying some old cheap G5's but on ebay they're still not cheap enough to consider buying just to toy around.

AFAIK, YDL is a RHEL 5.x recompile...

Re: eye candy. My YDL experience is somewhat limited to a PS3 and for a very brief period, an old G4 mac with no GPU to speak off. I don't know if anyone has ever got stuff like compiz running on a high end ppc with a GPU. My recollection was that the device driver for video on that G4 was not quite up to the OS X version (understandably, as presumably Apple knew more about the underlying hardware).

Try here: they are mostly ps3 people though.

Oh, by the way, I found this (I'm more a debian person) but I really don't know how good the GPU is supported

Do let us know how you get on!

chown -R us ./base
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