Chris Perkins | 30 Mar 20:06 2010

SiteGrinder 3 Released: Built with LispWorks 5 on Mac and Windows.

We released a new version of our flagship product yesterday. It is a
Photoshop plugin called SiteGrinder 3.

In previous version of SiteGrinder we used a lisp (xlisp) that was
embedded directly into the C Photoshop plugin. But this version has a
very different architecture and the C Photoshop plugin communicates with
a separate CAPI LispWorks application over a socket.  We used CAPI for
the simple interface in the application, but the main UI used in the
Photoshop plugin and in the browser was done with OpenLaszlo.

The Common Lisp application was developed by just one person (myself),
though I used quite a few libraries, so I guess I wasn't totally alone.
The rest of our team worked on the C and javascript and OpenLaszlo sides.

Thanks to the LispWorks team for making a great product. Being able to
deliver cross platform is fantastic. And, it goes without saying, that
being able to develop in Common Lisp is priceless.

I'll submit a write up to success-stories <at> after getting
through the dust kicked up by the new launch.


Chris Perkins