Nikodemus Siivola | 21 Apr 00:27 2012

my incomplete re-implementation of external-formats for sbcl

I've been muttering about this on IRC for far too long now. Since it
seems I'm not going to have a chance to spend proper time on it for a
fair while yet, I'm putting it up in github so that others can take a
poke at it.

It's nowhere near complete or ready. It's been almost a year since I
last touched it -- unless you count the cleanup pass to make it build
I just gave it -- so I'm probably not going to be able answer very
many questions about it off the top of my hat.

I'm not saying it's The Right Thing. That would presuppose that I
remember what it actually is. :) But I do remember that when I was
working on it I was definitely trying for the right thing, and keeping
it fast while at it. It's obviously not hooked into SBCL at all,

Have fun. :)


 -- Nikodemus

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