Felix E. Klee | 13 Aug 10:09 2012

Most up-to-date version of Wanderlust?

On [EmacsWiki][1] it says:

> The most up-to-date code is to be found on [github][2].

It also says on EmacsWiki:

> Best way to get the latest wanderlust and all its dependencies
> is by installing it through el-get, which is an elisp package
> manager, that downloads and installs all dependencies
> automatically.

However, in the README on github, it says:

> Wanderlust Official web page is available at:
> http://www.gohome.org/wl/.
> You can get latest Wanderlust version from there.

Is also says in the README on github:

> Development of Wanderlust uses CVS. So latest developing
> version is available at CVS.

I am confused: Four (4) different sources!


  * Where do I get the latest usable version?

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Herbert J. Skuhra | 13 Aug 12:00 2012

Re: Most up-to-date version of Wanderlust?

On Mon, 13 Aug 2012 10:09:01 +0200
"Felix E. Klee" <felix.klee <at> inka.de> wrote:

> So:
>   * Where do I get the latest usable version?
>     (I assume that official stable is still 2.14.0(Africa), which
>     probably is quite outdated)

Yeah, don't use it, if you use Emacs >= 23.

>   * In which repository is development happening?
>   * Where does `el-get` get Wanderlust from.

At least the last question you can answer yourself by looking at the
recipes file:


But there is (at least) also:


And a gnutls patch has been published on this list that hasn't been
commited for no obvious reason (at least to me).

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