FM | 5 Jul 15:59 2010

Mixed Results

Had a fun weekend  !
Managed to Flash 2 built in Nics.

One was a Shuttle S40G  Socket A   with  Realtek 8139,  and  a Via Rhine 
II in a  Via socket 754 board.

The bios on the Shuttle  is only 256kb and  55.5kb was the Maximum size 
that I could replace  the original  PCI  ether lom with.

I wasn't  sure what to strip with rom-o-matic   , but if I remember 
correctly it was  all the wireless, sans boot, iscsi, comboot and 
I left HTTPS selected on both boards,  this might have increased the 
size.  I still havn't got around to  HTTPS on my setup yet.

My basic setup is  /var/www/slitaz/ directory with the kernel, initrd 
there.      This is super easy to extract from the iso and use for 
testing.  It's a little richer than Tinycore , but that works well to.


The Shuttle box booted and kept the internet connection .  The startup 
ip was and it retained that ip  and could connect to to 
the net  from the server . The Slitaz  network config tool gave it  route dns , but it works.

The Via board with the  Via Rhine II nic    can't connect to the net  or 
ping anything  after booting.    I tried to re-assign the 
ip  from  the gpxe  config settings  , but it doesn't activate.
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