Franz-Josef Fornefeld | 13 Aug 09:23 2003

Re: Purge-command

Jesper Poulsen wrote:

> Greetings!
> I am looking for a command, so that I can manually
> purge groups ( I
> keep my data for 5 days). The command should not purge
> data newer than
> 5 days.
> Does such command exists ?


First of all you have to configure your groups properly to keep data for
5 days.

You can do this generally in
      Configuration->Local Server->NNTP->Days to keep data
or on a per group base in
      Configuration->News->Newsgroups->Settings->Days to keep articles
Then you can select "Purge all groups" from the file menu. Alternatively
you can write a script using HamPurge. Please read the documentation on
HamPurge in the help file



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