Peter Flindt | 9 Jan 19:48 2009

Some thoughts about user-friendliness and the core.

i have tried it in the forum and the bug tracker more than one time,
but no answer (or no good answer), therefore here again, some ideas
about user-friendliness.

(With "Core" I mean all protocols, plugins and the miranda32.exe on the

A) "What's new?"
The popup, fingerprint and some other plugins have a nice feature.
When an user install a new version, he see a window with important
changes when he start this new version the first time.
It would be nice to have this feature in the core too.

There are sites like: , , or , sure, but 1)Who
read it? 2) There are 100th other sites, like
, , without infos
about important changes (or without any info). I mean not changelogs
like "0.7.13 includes stability fixes for Jabber" that's very
important, yes, but it's more or less unimportant for the users. But
for e.g. the account managem the search box in the options, uPnP, ...,
this should be display somewhere if a new version start the first time.
Either a dialog with a translatable text or a dialog with a HTML
control (the url can be in the language pack or the English language
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