Rodney Pont | 4 May 15:25 2012

Re: JBSWU_Monitor have begun to bomb out!

On Fri, 4 May 2012 07:06:22 -0500, John Small wrote:

>> ... I have the debug output but it's 8meg when zipped up.
>Really? I have only 2MB unzipped!? Please just use the default options for
>debug. (If you did then maybe the extra size comes from your monitoring of more
>than one host.)

The session only monitors one host and in this case it's the local one.
I've no idea what it gets from the web though and simply because it's
only monitoring one host doesn't mean it's only getting web stats for
one host or one project, I'm sure you will know the answer to that one.
JBSWUTRC.FIL is 277,600,587 bytes in size and I let it use the default
options. I don't fancy looking into it to see what it's been doing :-)

>> ... I think it fails after contacting the web server for stats
>>or something so it may be a fault with the seti system.
>It may not be a "fault". It may just be that they changed the format.

The monitoring of the remote host failed with the same error but then
started working again. It currently only has Einstein work units though
so it may fail when it starts running Seti ones again.


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