Rodney Pont | 2 Jun 14:26 2008

Re: Re: JBSWU_Monitor beta

On Mon, 02 Jun 2008 11:22:36 -0000, neil_zampella wrote:

>I'm trying to monitor a second host on a Linux box.  I can ping the
>box from OS/2 no problem, however, when JBSWU_beta tries to access it,
>it gives me a screen where it is unable to connect.  I'm using the
>direct IP address in the parameters.
>That said, could it be looking for the Boinc directory on the Linux
>box, and not finding it ??

It needs a file called remote_hosts.cfg to exist in the bin directory
on the Linux box and to contain a list of hosts that are allowed to
connect, either host name or IP address.

My FreeBSD box doesn't list the data in the correct order for the
monitor and as a result thinks nothing is running, but it does connect.
John is aware of this problem and will look into it when he gets time.


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