Brion Vibber | 4 May 14:33 2005

MediaWiki 1.4.4 released

MediaWiki 1.4.4 is a bugfix release for the 1.4 stable release series.

Some bugs in the installer/updater and refreshLinks maintenance script
were introduced in the last release and have been corrected.

== Changes from 1.4.3 ==

* (bug 725) Let dir="ltr" attribute work again in MonoBook on RTL languages
* (bug 2024) Skip JavaScript error for custom skins where .js message
not set
* (bug 2025) Updated Indonesian localization
* (bug 2039) Updated Lithuanian localization
* Don't die on PHP <4.3.0 when calling mysql_ping()
* Fix refreshLinks cleanup step on MySQL 3.x
* Fix breakage on rerunning the site_stats update
* Localized namespaces for csb

Release notes:

MD5 checksum: 85553d464041e36b85939810d79f5bf4

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