Brion Vibber | 25 Aug 08:19 2005

MediaWiki 1.5rc3 released [SECURITY]

MediaWiki 1.5rc3 is a preview release of the new 1.5 release series.
It fixes several major problems in 1.5rc2:

* Fixed a cross-site scripting injection in the search form
~  (broken since 1.5beta1)

* Fixed upgrades from 1.4 database schema
~  (broken since 1.5rc2)

1.3 and 1.4 releases are not vulnerable to the XSS bug, but anyone
running an earlier 1.5 beta or release candidate should upgrade

Release notes:


MD5 checksum:
mediawiki-1.5rc3.tar.gz   fd051830057a1b5e7ea7032933a9cd6c

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