Brion Vibber | 2 Mar 11:53 2006

MediaWiki 1.5.7 released

MediaWiki 1.5.7 is a bugfix maintenance release.

Most importantly, a security issue in the installer has been fixed. The bug
affects new installations of 1.5.6 only. If the user specified the MySQL root
password, to allow the installer to create an unprivileged account, the
installer would not only create the new account but also change the root
password to be equal to the password of the new account.

Anyone affected by this bug will need to change the root password back
manually. For information about how to change passwords in MySQL please see:

This version includes fixes for compatibility with Internet Explorer 7
beta 2, and various other bugs; see the full changelog at the end of
the release notes.

Release notes:


MD5 checksum: 0a2347e2422006d8f75479b06c1963d8
SHA1 checksum: de5421d1c33471627af14aafa2202c60e4b17bac

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