Tim Starling | 22 Feb 12:31 2009

MediaWiki 1.14.0 and 1.13.5 released

We are proud to announce the first stable release of the 2009 Q1
branch of MediaWiki, version 1.14.0.

We are also releasing MediaWiki 1.13.5. This is a maintenance release
which corrects some bugs in the installer, introduced during the hasty
security release of 1.13.4. It is not necessary to upgrade if you do
not intend on using the installer.

Thanks to our localisation community at translatewiki.net, MediaWiki
1.14.0 now has 311,000 localised interface text fragments spread
across 298 languages, that's 17% more than in 1.13.0.

MediaWiki is now using a "continuous integration" development model
with quarterly snapshot releases. The latest development code is
always kept "ready to run", and in fact runs our own sites on Wikipedia.

Release branches will continue to receive security updates for about a
year from first release, but nonessential bugfixes and feature
developments will be made on the development trunk and appear in the
next quarterly release.

Those wishing to use the latest code instead of a branch release can
obtain it from source control:

Upgrade FAQ:

Full release notes:
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