Brion Vibber | 17 Jan 10:37 2005

MediaWiki 1.4beta5 released (SECURITY)

MediaWiki 1.4beta5 is a security and bug fix release for the 1.4 beta 
series. Previous MediaWiki 1.4 beta releases include an input 
validation error which could lead to execution of arbitrary PHP code on 
the server.

All users of 1.4 beta releases are strongly urged to upgrade to 
1.4beta5 immediately. The 1.3.x stable release series is not affected 
by this problem.

Beta 5 additionally fixes a number of non-security-related bugs, and 
requires one minor database change. If upgrading from a previous beta, 
see the file UPGRADE in the release archive for instructions.

Bugs fixed in beta 5:

* (bug 1124) Fix ImageGallery XHTML compliance
* (bug 1186) news: in the middle of a word
* (bug 1283) Use underlining and borders to highlight 
   in diff-view
* Use user's local timezone in Special:Log display
* Show filename for images in gallery by default (restore beta 3 
* (bug 1201) Double-escaping in brokenlinks, imagelinks, categorylinks, 
* When using squid reverse proxy, cache the redirect to the Main_Page
* (bug 1302) Fix Norwegian language file
* (bug 1205) Fix broken article saving in PHP 5.1
* (bug 1206) Implement CURRENTWEEK and CURRENTDOW magic keyword (will 
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