Timwi | 2 Feb 01:27 2004

Re: Troubles with MediaWiki namespace

Chris Croome wrote:

> On Sun 01-Feb-2004 at 02:37:04PM +0000, Timwi wrote:
>>After two days of tweaking, I found out that the solution was to put
>>    $wgUseDatabaseMessages = true;
>>into LocalSettings.php.
>>Why is this off by default?
> I asked about this on the #mediawiki irc channel and Tim explained
> why it is off by default and how to turn it on and why one should
> only have it on if memcached is running
> (http://www.danga.com/memcached).

I've investigated a bit more and found out that if you turn this option 
on, then it uses the MediaWiki namespace for all messages all over the 
user interface. That, of course, should be off by default because it is 
very database-intensive without memcached.

Honestly, that option should be entirely separate from the {{msg:}} and 
{{subst:}} functionality. Combining them into one seems rather silly. 
Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to try and understand the code 
enough to do this myself :( Anyone wanna do this? I want to use the 
Language.php file to customise the messages, but I still want to be able 
to use the MediaWiki namespace for {{msg:}} and {{subst:}}.

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