Francois PIETTE | 1 Mar 15:08 2009

Re: Extension:FileIndexer has issue with accented characters

Hi there !

I'm still looking for a solution of the problem explained below.
Any advice is really welcome.

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Hi !

I have installed the Extension:FileIndexer new variant
 ( from
Ramon Dohle (raZe) on my version 1.12 and it works well for english text.
When I upload a PDF file containing french accented characters such as
e-acute ("é"), those are wrongly indexed and show on the file upload page.

I've looked inside the wiki database (table wikiprefix_searchindex, column
si_text) and found that an e-acute is represented as the string "u8c3a9" for
any standard page while it is represented by "u8efbfbd" for the uploaded PDF
entry. Actually any accented character is represented by "u8efbfbd" ! Of
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