Enrique | 2 Jun 22:13 2009

Updating local wikipedia from pages-articles

Hello all
I have an wikipedia for my local intranet reading, i update my local 
wikipedia somes times depending of download of pages-articles and date .. , 
and make the proces with mwdumper.jar and runnig rebuildall.php but this 
proces is largue and the sever responde slow while pthe proces is running, 
my cuestion is if exist some precedure to make all this automatically in 
some date monthly directily form wikipedia, i realy want  dump to my 
database the changes maked on the  original wikipedia, for example if i 
haved dumped 02-05-2009-eswiki-pages-articles.xml to my database and the 
official wikipedia exist 02-06-2009-eswiki-pages-articles.xml uptodate my 
local wiki without dump all entry  xml??

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>> Hi,
>> I've just set up a mediawiki site and everything went ok. I've set up 
>> both
>> a
>> test and production server.
>> Before bringing the production server online I'd like to restrict access 
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Enrique | 3 Jun 14:42 2009

header of articles

Hi all
I have my all articles header have the same header and is an article, i 
dumped to my database pages-articles and now running rebuildall.php scritp. 
i have the same problem somes times all links point to the same article, i 
hope when rebuildall.php finished  all wor fine, some know how fix this????