Charles Wilson | 13 Apr 06:01 2012

Updated: cygutils-1.4.10-2

Cygutils is a collection of useful(?) tools for the cygwin
platform. This is a content update and feature enhancement.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.5.3-3 ]]

CHANGES (from cygutils-1.4.10-1)
* fix bug where readshortcut --raw was always "on"
* corrected longstanding issue with lpr printer name normalization
* readshortcut now handles embedded "windows" environment variables
  (%foo%) correctly.

PREVIOUS CHANGES (from cygutils-1.4.8-1)
* getclip and putclip now support new cygwin-1.7.13+ clipboard format.
* cygstart now supports file:// and mailto: URLs (Yaakov Selkowitz)
* Added -R/--raw option to readshortcut (prevents expanding embedded
  environment variables within paths). Reported by Denis Excoffier.
* mkshortcut, readshortcut and lpr now use cygwin-1.7 path conversion
  functions rather than deprecated ones. However, they make only
  minimal concessions to unicode, and operate mostly on narrow character
  encoded pathnames. They should now be able to handle "long" pathnames

TODO (call for patches):
* Update (some?) utilities to handle unicode filenames, similar to
  IWAMURO Motonori's work on cygstart. Which utilities need this?
  mkshortcut and lpr, probably. Any others?

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