Thomas Schwinge | 9 Jan 23:37 2011

YotH 2010 -- a Year of the Hurd 2010


Prompted by Karl Berry who is currently preparing a general GNU status
report, I just contributed the following text -- a Year of the Hurd 2010!

If you'd like something changed / added / removed, please tell so

GNU Hurd (<>)

Yeah, that's right!  The GNU Hurd, the GNU project's replacement for the
UNIX kernel, implemented as a collection of servers that run on the Mach
microkernel.  Contrary to popular belief, this project is not yet dead.
Of course, it's not the world's most active project either, but a small
group of volunteers (a handful, mostly) are still plowing their way
through the terrain of a steadily changing (and improving) Free Software
world, striving to keep this advanced research prototype system going.
They are accompanied by another handful of Debian GNU/Hurd, and (new:)
Arch Hurd packagers.  So, what happened in the last year?

  * Apart from having done a lot of other work, Samuel Thibault, our Jack
    of all trades, merged his development branch that brought us Xen domU
    support.  Development had started in 2007 already, and since it has
    been heavily tested by using it for the Debian GNU/Hurd build servers
    as well as our public Hurd boxen,

  * We had Zheng Da work on user-space device drivers, based on L4's DDE
    project.  This is a project we've long been wanting to implement, so
    this was good progress.  Unfortunately, due to accepting a PhD
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