Fred Fuentes | 1 Feb 05:24 2007

Raby - Latin America's Pink Tide

very interesting article, definitely worth reading (and i would suggest
getting her book too)

Latin America's Pink Tide

[Diana Raby, author of *Democracy and Revolution: Latin America and
Socialism Today*,<>argues
that with left-wing victories in Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia,
Ecuador and Nicaragua, social and economic recovery in Cuba and popular
advances elsewhere in the region, journalists are talking about "Latin
America's pink tide" and the region itself has become the forum for
passionate debates on "Socialism of the 21st Century". To purchase *Democracy
and Revolution: Latin America and Socialism
* click here<>.
To read the book's first chapter click

*Latin America's Pink Tide*

*Diana Raby - Red Pepper Venezuela Blog*

*January 31, 2007*

Socialism! For most of us it is still the ideal, but with the collapse of
the Soviet bloc, the defects of China and other neo-Stalinist regimes, and
the sell-out of the Labour Party, it seems more distant than ever. If there
is to be a new model, a real alternative to globalised capitalism, what will
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