Wolfgang Bueschel_DF5SX | 13 Dec 13:40 2013

Re: [dxld] Moscow: Hearing Radio MTUCI now (13 Dec 2013)

Hard rock music now at 1228 UT. Nice 400 watt signal.

Reception on 11 mb depends of the used receiving antenna.
S=6-7 on remote units in Greece, Italy, and Netherlands.

S=8-9 signal on Switzerland St.Gallen and Basel sdr remotes,
also same level on some remote SDR rxs in Germany too.

vy73 wolfy df5sx

Radio MTUCI,
Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics,
P.O.Box 19,
Moscow 127055,

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> Coming through now on 25900 kHz via Global Tuners Italian remotes in 
> Rovigo (fair) and Rimini (good). This is on Fridays only, 1200-1500 UT. 
> Aka "Radio Green Eyes", but no such ID heard as of 1220 UT. 

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