ma3mls | 3 Sep 12:14 2006

Re: Scripts to handle array CGH data files from NimbleGen

Hi Romain

The package snapCGH also has functionality for reading of Nimblegen 
aCGH data, and provides preprocessing methods from within itself and 
the package limma, as well as use of the segmentation method from 
tilingArray (although not much of the other functionality from 

Mike Smith

Quoting Todd Richmond <todd@...>:

> Hi Romain,
> I have some preliminary code which reads in NimbleGen CGH ratio files,
> passes it to tilingArray, and produces plots and tables identical to our
> deliverables. It still needs a bit more work and testing but I should
> have that ready sometime next week. I'll send you an email when it's ready.
> Todd
> rdesprat wrote:
>> Dear Todd,
>> I am trying to use Tilling array for my CGH data from nimblegen but I don'
>> succeed. Would you have something written down about how to do it ?
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