Larry Sanger | 1 Mar 17:51 2002

Re: IP numbers on History pages?

On 1 Mar 2002, Brion L. VIBBER wrote:

> On ven, 2002-03-01 at 06:20, Axel Boldt wrote:
> > Currently, we display full IP numbers on history pages. Is that a bug
> > or a feature? Looking at the code in special_recentchangeslayout.php, l.
> > 91-100, it appears that the full IP (including last 3 digits) was put
> > in deliberately (or else I can't see the point of that code).
> I'm not the one wot did it, but the impression I seem to have from
> earlier discussions is that this was done so that the full IP would be
> available for Larry et al to ban vandals with.

I didn't know that!  Maybe there's a way to do it without making the full
IP public?  (Like this cryptic "ban this IP" link I sometimes see, but
which I still don't quite understand...and dare not use...)