Sj | 1 Feb 15:30 2005

Re: Re: WYSIWYG editor

I '''love''' the idea of a WYSIWYG extension.   Ward Cunningham has
said a couple of times he sees the lack of such editors as the biggest
remaining barrier between the bulk of users and the world of wiki...
which sounds reasonable to me.

I also like the idea of a mediawiki-bizarre SF project for bits and pieces.


On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 23:11:54 -0500, Jonah Bossewitch
<jonah <at>> wrote:
> I am interested in discussing and hashing out the challenges of WYSIWYG
> editing.  I also think that this kind of project is the kind of thing
> that would make alot of sense to develop in a sourceforge project
> dedicated to mediawiki extensions.
> I know that MW extensions are talked about centrally here:
> but I am talking about a sf project where the source itself is kept,
> and developers are granted access much more freely than on the
> mediawiki project itself.  Extensions may eventually be merged into the
> core distribution, or they could maintain a life of their own, used in
> MW installations, but not on the 'pedia.
> I brought this idea up once before, but nobody responded to my
> suggestion.  Does that mean there is no interest?  How about a project
> called mediawiki-extensions, or mediawiki-collective, or
> mediawiki-bizarre (the last two might make more sense if we conceive of
> this area as a collection of bot scripts, maintenance scripts, etc, in
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