Magnus Manske | 1 Feb 15:41 2005

Re: Re: [Wikipedia-l] Sanger response and rating system experiment

David Gerard schrieb:
| Magnus Manske (magnus.manske <at> [050202 00:59]:
|>I remember that, in addition to turning it on with some global variable,
|>one needs to create a SQL table. Damn if I remember where I stored it
|>(wasn't too complex, though, I can probably reverse-engineer it from the
| Cool :-)

That's what I figured about the table:

table "validate"
val_user <=> user_id
val_title <=> cur_title
val_timestamp = timestamp of the version
val_type = key of what was validated (quality, quantity, etc.)
val_value = value on key/type-specific scale (0..X)
val_comment = comment for that vaildation

Types are either varchars or integers...

|>Note that this will probably break with the 1.5 extensions, as the whole
|>version counting is redone.
| If this implementation was switched on in 1.4 and people loved it and
| wanted to keep the feature, how much of a PITA would this be for 1.5?

Not very painful :-)
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