Tim 'avatar' Bartel | 1 Dec 13:18 2007

Re: <s>10k</s> 50k!

Hi there,

Gregory Maxwell schrieb am 30.11.2007 00:52:
> On Nov 27, 2007 3:10 AM, Lars Aronsson <lars@...> wrote:
>> Is the blue (pmtpa = Florida) a cost for WMF, and the green (knams
>> = Amsterdam) a cost for someone else (Kennisnet + Wikimedia
>> Deutschland)?  How much could WMF save if there was a knams-likeSquid
>> When I donate to the WMF, do I help paying for the blue only, or
>> also for the green part of these diagrams?
> Wikimedia Deutschland doesn't support infrastructure in this manner.
> Their sponsorship at knams is the toolserver.

Well, that is definitely not correct.

Just from my head, without checking further sources:
While it is correct that all four servers of the toolserver (zedler,
hemlock, yarrow, [vandale?]) are provided by Wikimedia Deutschland (two
donated by SUN, two bought by WM-DE), this is only a small part of our work.

So for example Wikimedia Deutschland is also providing half of the Squid
proxies in Amsterdam (15x servers/initial costs more than 60k euros) and
the backup server (~14k euros). So it is more than appropriate to say
that WM-DE is supporting the infrastructure.

Bye, Tim (WM-DE board member)


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