Alexis Moinet | 1 Dec 15:05 2007

Re: Determining the behaviour of apostrophes

Monahon, Peter B. wrote :
>> Earlier: "... Whether or not you think it's
>>  a waste of time, there's no excuse for 
>> broadcasting every parser bug you find 
>> to three mailing lists.  There's no 
>> shortage of parser bugs, and no need 
>> to act surprised when you find one ... 
>> If we want to talk about the parser 
>> grammar effort, we all know which list 
>> to subscribe to ...
> Peter Blaise responds: Oh?  Which one?  I do not know, and you do not
> mention it in your post, so, help me out here, please - which list?  If
> you're gonna type something, why not make it unambiguously accurate and
> complete, anyway?  Otherwise, what's the point?