Ray Saintonge | 1 Jan 02:52 2004

Re: Wikimedia on-site documentation

Erik Moeller wrote:

>>If the documentation used a "Help:" namespace, then none of
>>the links would have to be updated, and all an administrator of a new
>>site would need to do would be to download the documentation database
>>dump and upload it.
>Yes, a Help: namespace would probably make sense. Compare:
>        Help:Edit conflicts     Wikipedia:Edit conflicts
>        Help:Editing            Wikipedia:Editing help
>        Help:Sections           Wikipedia:Sections
>Besides, our own spin-off projects have the exact same problems as Memory  
>Alpha when it comes to these help texts.
>Offering this for download would be very easy if it contains no self- 
>references and is nicely isolated. For bonus points, write a script that  
>automatically fetches and installs the latest version of the help texts  
>(preserving older versions and warning if they exist).
The Help: namespace seems to be a workable idea, but only for the more 
mechanical issues, and not for policy issues.  At Wikisource there has 
been a demand for this sort of thing, and it would be helpful to be able 
to import a few files from one of the other projects.  For the user it 
would be helpful to know that the same query format will achieve the 
same result on all the the projects.  Perhaps too just typing "help:" 
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