Guillaume Blanchard | 2 Sep 06:34 2002

Japanese Wikipedia

Hello everybody,
I'm living in Japan and I know some japanese people very intrested to
contribute to japanese Wikipedia.
But with the actual software installed on japanese Wikipedia, there many
problems using japanese caracters in links names and the interface is all
I can ask to translate the Language.php file, but I'm afraid that when they
will finish the translation, this file been up to date.
The japanese Wikipedia is practically empty, so I think it will be easy to
put the new software on japanese site. Then we will translate it in japanese
while running.
No convertion is need, I think it will take less than a hour to recreate the
few pages actualy on
The new software using UTF8, isn't it ?
If you would change the damain name, please choose (for
commercial) or (for organisation).
It would be a great idear to also create the Korean Wikipedia.

Guillaume (Aoineko)