Lars Aronsson | 4 Sep 00:32 2002

Re: Re: [Intlwiki-l] Does anyone have stats of interwiki links ?

Brion VIBBER wrote:
>  From English wiki:
> sv  358 Swedish        (??? of  212) This is odd.
>  From German wiki:
> sv  351 Swedish        (??? of   212) This is odd.

212 is the article (comma) count.  There are 394 pages in the Swedish

Also, you assume that interwiki links must point to articles that
already exist.  Normal (intrawiki) links can point to pages that don't
yet exist, and there is no harm in that.

Further, it is odd that the Swedish Wikipedia has only attracted
contributions of 212 articles.  Maybe the management is doing
something wrong in promoting that website.  That theory could also
explain why the Spanish Wikipedia only has 2000 articles, while
another famous Wiki in the Spanish language has well over 9000
articles.  Perhaps the Spanish interwiki links would be more useful if
they pointed to where the contributions go.  Just an idea.


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