Brion VIBBER | 4 Sep 01:50 2002

Re: Re: [Intlwiki-l] Does anyone have stats of interwiki links ?

Lars Aronsson wrote:
> Brion VIBBER wrote:
>> From English wiki:
>>sv  358 Swedish        (??? of  212) This is odd.
> 212 is the article (comma) count.  There are 394 pages in the Swedish
> Wikipedia.

Which means many of the linked articles either don't exist or are 
comma-less stubs.

> Also, you assume that interwiki links must point to articles that
> already exist.  Normal (intrawiki) links can point to pages that don't
> yet exist, and there is no harm in that.

I'm not "assuming" that; that's an empirical observation of most (all?) 
of the interlanguage links except for the ones you yourself have put in 
without warning to nonexistent articles.

Whether they _ought_ to be that way is another matter. My contention, at 
least as things stand now, is that the interlanguage links are more like 
streamlined links to external websites than they are like internal wiki 
links. You wouldn't link to an external web site that _might_ come into 
being in the future but doesn't exist yet, especially without giving 
warning. Would you?

> Further, it is odd that the Swedish Wikipedia has only attracted
> contributions of 212 articles.  Maybe the management is doing
> something wrong in promoting that website.

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