Conal Tuohy | 1 May 14:41 2012

Re: zones inside zones?

On 30/04/12 19:31, James Cummings wrote:
> On 29/04/12 14:45, Conal Tuohy wrote:
>> It appears that the <zone> element has expanded in scope since
>> the time we added it to TEI P5 1.0. At that time, if I remember
>> correctly, it could not nest, and in fact had a very limited
>> content model (just <gloss>, <desc>, etc.). At that time, the
>> Council's view was that allowing nesting of <zone> elements would
>> add complexity without any additional functionality, and I
>> honestly don't know the rationale for the subsequent change.
> Digging around in the confirms that the 
> big change for <zone> came in release 2.0.0 when we added the genetic 
> editing abilities and <sourceDoc>.  It is at this point that it gets 
>  <at> points as a separate attribute (previously in att.coordinated), 
>  <at> rotate, and its element content model changes from:
> ( model.glossLike*, model.graphicLike* )
> to:
> (text | model.graphicLike | | surface | model.linePart )*
> This is because in its new existence in <sourceDoc> it is allowed to 
> have transcribed (but un-interpreted) text in it. Nesting <zone> 
> elements inside <sourceDoc> make more sense to me, but make much less 
> sense inside <facsimile>.
Thanks James! What do nested zones mean in the context of a genetic 
edition? I looked in the relevant chapter of the guidelines but I'm 
actually none the wiser:


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