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Re: [C3] Fwd: [Hippo-cms7-user] Cocoon 3 based frontend

Great achievement Francesco, congrats!!!

the good news is that starting from tomorrow morning I'll be on forced vacations for a looooong time and I have a lot of spare time to dedicate to OSS, so potentially starting from tomorrow morning we can have an Alpha3 release candidate!!!
So, if it would help, I'll start the release process paying much more care than the first attempt.
HTH, all the best!!!

2011/6/8 Francesco Chicchiriccò <ilgrosso <at>>
Hi there,
fist of all, sorry for the cross-posting.

You can find below an e-mail that I've just sent to the Hippo CMS mailing list.
There is some concrete possibility to use Cocoon 3 in a (rather small, as said) production environment.

I would basically like to build a JCR SAX transformer (similar in functions to the Cocoon 2.1 WebDAV transformer) but I would also need, for example, some caching and i18n features.

Do you see any particular issues besides the obvious risk of using an Alpha-2 (not yet Alpha-3) software for production? ;-)

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[Hippo-cms7-user] Cocoon 3 based frontend
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Hi all, we've recently got a (rather small, indeed) customer with a very particular need: to be able, in the near future, to migrate either all the documents from its current legacy CMS and also all of its Cocoon 2.1 sites. They basically want to preserve - as much as possible - past investments done in terms of XSLTs and components. We are now defining the basic structure of our project and we do want to put Hippo CMS 7.6 in place. Of course this would mean to replace all the HST2 stuff that is normally involved when building sites with some Cocoon-based components. Looking at the documentation, I've found this reference to the Hippo's JCR interface [1]. Do you think it would be fine to build something that will interact with Hippo repository at that level or instead there are some higher-level classes from HST2 that should instead taken into account? Do you have any particular advice when doing such operation? Is there any more documentation we should take a look at? Thanks. [1] -- Dott. Francesco Chicchiriccò Tel +393290573276 Amministratore unico <at> Tirasa S.r.l. Viale D'Annunzio 267 - 65127 Pescara Tel +39 0859116307 / FAX +39 0859111173 Apache Cocoon Committer and PMC Member "To Iterate is Human, to Recurse, Divine" (James O. Coplien, Bell Labs) _______________________________________________ Hippo-cms7-user mailing list and forums