Davanum Srinivas | 13 Feb 08:52 2004

[WSS4J] [GUMP <at> lsd]: wss4j/wss4j failed

To whom is may concern,

This is an automated request, but not an unsolicited one. Please see: http://jakarta.apache.org/gump/nagged.html

Project: wss4j has an issue affecting it's community integration.
State: Failed

The URL for full details is: http://lsd.student.utwente.nl/gump/wss4j/wss4j.html

- - - - ----------------------------------------- G U M P Y

Gump provided these annotations:

 - Info - Sole jar [/data/gump/wss4j/build/wss4j-@... <at> .jar] identifier
set to project name
 - Error - Failed with reason build failed
 - Info - Project produces reports
 - Info - Reports in: /data/gump/wss4j/build/test-reports

- - - - ----------------------------------------- G U M P Y

Gump performed this work:

Work Name: build_wss4j_wss4j (Type: Build)
State: Failed
Elapsed: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 38 seconds
Command Line: java -Djava.awt.headless=true
org.apache.tools.ant.Main -debug -Dbuild.clonevm=true
-Dgump.merge=/data/gump/gump/work/merge.xml -Dbuild.sysclasspath=only
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